Wedding Gown, Style Option Chinese Students Celebrate Graduation

Kata Motivasi Bijak - Toga dress is no longer required to attend graduation. Moreover, it is not the style of costume. In China, the graduates of attending the graduation ceremony with the bridal gown. Quoting pages Independent , they believe that the more fitting wedding dress worn for important moments of life. They want to look pretty when you take a diploma and was witnessed by many people. For them, the moment of throwing a toga cap is no longer important. 

Tiara and dress more so choice. At the Bamboo Curtain country, a graduation ceremony is different in Indonesia. Kumpulan Kata Mutiara Universities in China tend to release graduates with a relaxed, no formal atmosphere. fact, very common parents did not attend. Graduation gives students the opportunity saying goodbye to each other, including the alma mater of their host. most important thing in the moment of graduation is shooting session with friends. 

Documentation beautiful became final gift for the achievement of graduates. Kata Kata untuk Ibu Tercinta Liu Xiangping, a student of Polytechnic University of Xi'an in central China say, wedding dress makes the moment even more meaningful. Along with thousands of his friend, he hired a wedding dress around £ 4 or Rp80 thousand to wear at graduation. 

He believes, wearing something meaningful is a unique way of celebrating its success. Another interesting costumes for graduation including pirates, technicians, Kata Kata Patah Hati Kesepian and the traditional clothes of the Qing dynasty. Though only considered to be something fun, Lu Xiaowen, deputy director of the Institute of Sociology at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, believes the use of a wedding dress that has a symbolic meaning. "wedding dress and other special clothing for graduation is the last expression of the creativity of the students. 

With huge competition faced by graduates, it is the final manifestation of freedom before entering the world of work, "he said.

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Wedding Gown, Style Option Chinese Students Celebrate Graduation